Our main goal is to keep your pet healthy by identifying some common diseases and conditions before they become serious or life threatening. Blood screening or other diagnostics may detect a condition before noticeable symptoms arise, especially in dog breeds and cats at high risk of certain diseases. Many of these can be controlled by diet but some pets may need medication for conditions such as hypothyroidism and diabetes. We’re seeing a lot more allergy problems in dogs and cats but often a change in diet

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solves the problem.

Sometimes surgery is necessary. We have a brand new, state-of-the-art operating room in our new clinic. You will be given a detailed cost quote and your doctor and veterinary technician will explain the details of the surgery, including the length of the surgery, type of anesthesia , after care in the hospital and recovery at home.  Your pet is examined and pre-anesthetic blood work may be done.

The best thing you can do is to keep your dog or cat in top physical condition.   Sometimes just a small amount of extra food can lead to obesity. We have a computer program that creates a diet especially for your pet and takes the guess work out of how much food your pet should have. We  give you details right down to how many calories in treats they can have per day.