About Us

The Hartzel Animal Hospital is a full service veterinary hospital in St. Catharines providing care for dogs and cats.  We emphasize preventative medicine as the key to your pet’s health and longevity.  Our hospital provides full medical, surgical and dental care.

Contact Us

50 Hartzel Rd. St. Catharines, ON
t. 905-685-7349
e. hartzelahreception@cogeco.net

M-F: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sat:  9am – 1pm
Sun: Closed



New Clients Welcome!

We are not able to accept new clients at this time. Thank you for your patience.

Latest News

The weather is getting warmer and ticks are becoming more active. We are reminding our clients that dogs at risk of exposure should start their tick prevention products now and continue until at least November.  We continue to recommend testing for Heartworm and Tick borne Diseases. Heartworm prevention starts June 1st. Please call to reserve your product and book an appointment to discuss prevention choices and test for these diseases.



Covid-19 Update


We are continuing to work with a closed door policy and split staff. This policy remains in effect while we help to promote social distancing. By taking every precaution to keep our staff and clients safe, so we can remain open and able to serve our clients. Currently we are continuing to see essential and urgent patients.

We are working to contact our clients and book appointments for those patients whose annual rabies vaccines were due in March.  We are aware many are receiving their reminders for April, May and June and ask that you be patient as we work to catch up with everyone.

We are still asking that if possible, payments for medications and food are done prior to pick up with Visa or Mastercard. If not, we are happy to bring our debit machine to you at the door. When you are arriving to pick up or for an appointment please call us from your vehicle to let us know you are here.  A staff member will meet you with your order or will give you instructions regarding your appointment.

Again, we thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. We love our clients and want to remain healthy so we can remain open and continue to provide care for your pets.